Our team engaged in designing and construction of your garden studio assure that only high-quality traditional and contemporary materials are combined to craft the most stunning office shed which can last for a minimum span of 35 years. Though the structure offers you a warm, professional, comfortable, and inspiring working environment, the maintenance is practically zero.

Our Garden Studios have heavy duty concrete pile foundations which elevate the Studio leaving a breathable space,
removing the risk of rising damp and condensation.

Our specialised 100mm insulated composite floor panels interlock to make a solid base, which creates a substantial solid platform that can take heavy loads.

Our walls are 200mm thick, with beautiful black solid oak corner posts, with matching internal solid oak skirting. Finished inside fully plastered and painted. Outside is finished with our rock cladding creating a truly attractive studio. 

Our specialised 100mm composite roof panels interlock to make a solid watertight roof gently sloping to the rear, draining to a black gutter and downpipe.

All of our Studio windows & doors have high-security multi-point locking systems installed these are extremely robust and secure.

Our building is finished off with free solid oak decking, 1x 200mm step the full length of the studio 500mm wide

Laminate flooring of your colour choice.

Electric –  Fitted only to the Forest Mountain studios as standard come with 4x adjustable internal warm effect LED lights, 4x double internal sockets ( x2 being USB charging ).

Wall mounted or freestanding heater 1kw. Outdoor low power multi-colour decking and white under canopy lighting. (Forest Mountain only) 

The garden buildings are supplied directly to your garden or factory. Only energy-efficient materials are used having high insulation qualities and can be used at any time of the year. All our staff are trained and completely dedicated to designing and constructing affordable garden studios which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Designing and constructing your garden space will become easier with Rockwood Garden Studios by your side. All our trained and skilled staff engaged in designing and constructing your ideal garden office ensure that the raw materials are carefully selected by combining traditional and composite material. The constructed Garden Studio is not only attractive but also cost-effective, comfortable, warm, and requires minimal maintenance. This crafting and inspiring working environment offer a minimum durability of 35 years.

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